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For an everyday ampoule-infused hydration

Hydration-rich botanical extract from the root of the Narcissus plant helps the skin stay supple and hydrated all day long.

After studying 45 types of Narcissus planted in Mamonde Garden, our botanists carefully selected two types of the Narcissus which showed the highest content of moisturizing ingredients in developing the NEW Floral Hydro Range – the Dutch Master and the Multivoltine which possesses the highest Moisture Storage Power and Moisture Circulation Power respectively.

The active ingredients containing precious moisturizing essence found deep inside these Narcissus bulbs were carefully extracted at room temperature via our “Mamonde Natural Juice Extraction Method” to preserve all the natural goodness.

1Harvesting Narcissus bulbs

3Natural juice extraction at room temperature

2Cleaning process


Flower Science -
When Nature Meets Science

We focused on the moisture energy of “Narcissus Bulbs” that actively transfer moisture, as clearly shown in the splatter of moisture they deliver when their stems are cut.

The all NEW Mamonde Floral Hydro Range is Developed Using Water Cycle™

The Narcissus Moisture Circulation System

2 Circulation

1 Locking

3 Storage

Moisture Storage Power

The bulb is capable of accumulating moisture and nutrients that gives the plant the resilience it needs to thrive in a dry desert climate.

Moisture Circulation Power

A single bulb is capable of producing multiple flowers on its own stalk by transferring moisture absorbed and stored from soil through its stem.

Experience Long-lasting Hydration

The Mamonde Floral Hydro Range adopt the Water Cycle™ to lock in moisture and sustains hydration in the skin. As the moisture circulates and spreads evenly to avoid the skin from feeling dry, the hydration storage capability further helps to keep your skin continuously hydrated.

Touch the Ampoule Toner droplet for a virtual experience!

Highly Enriched Moisture Ampoule Toner with Ampoule
Texture Technology

The unique ampoule formula enables quick absorption into skin, providing instant moisture relief. The ampoule’s rich texture turns watery when it is applied on the skin.

For an everyday
ampoule-infused hydration

Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner

Inspired by flowers

Narcissus Bulb Extracts
Low-molecular Hyaluronic Acids
4-FREE Formula

The Complete Mamonde Floral Hydro Range

Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner 150ml


Highly enriched moisturizing ampoule toner with special “Ampoule Texture Technology” that allows a rich texture toner to spread lightly and dry off quickly.

Floral Hydro Emulsion 150ml


A moisture-storing emulsion that keeps your skin hydrated with instant absorption.

Floral Hydro Cream 50ml


An ultra-moisturizing cream with a lightweight texture that locks in moisture inside the skin.

Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream 20ml


Featuring a new texture of moisture-coating gel.

Floral Hydro Mist 120ml


A Narcissus hydrating mist that keeps your skin constantly hydrated while ensuring skin stays moisturized inside out.

Experience Ampoule-Infused Hydration NOW!

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