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How To Be Kind To Your Liver 101


The liver is one of the five most important organs in the human body. Taking care of it is more than essential as it has many functions for our body. 肝病中醫推薦保肝寧 can be utilised as one of the initiatives that can be taken to ensure our liver’s health. As simple as it might appear, some people have difficulties in eliminating some of the activities that can contribute to liver diseases in the future. In this post, we are going to find out what are the ways to be kind to our liver and how to ensure healthiness. 

The Functions of Liver

The liver is located on the right side of our abdomen. Livers are huge and they are the meaty organ, typically reddish-brown in colour. The main duties of livers are to both digest and metabolise food and the other organs also work with the livers in order for the process to happen. Our livers are protected by our rib cage and are divided into two divisions known as the right lobes and the left lobes. The liver eliminates toxins from the body’s blood supply, regulates blood coagulation, and conducts hundreds of other critical functions.

Ways to Take Care of The Liver


There are numerous ways how we can take care of our liver. It all depends on our wants and awareness. There are people who are still unaware of the importance of maintaining a healthy liver. Our liver is among the other five vital organs such as the brain, lungs, heart and kidneys. Abandoning its condition is just the same as abandoning your own health. Hence why it is best for you to start taking care of your liver at a young age. Liver diseases can happen if you refuse to do so and they might affect you in the long term. These are the best ways for you to ensure your liver’s health:

  • Avoid Smoking

Although most people would associate smoking with the lungs, it actually does affect organs around the lungs such as the liver, heart and so on. It is advisable for you to avoid smoking or if you already are a smoker, you can try quitting it. Smoking does not only affect you but it also affects the people around you indirectly. 

  • Control Your Alcohol Consumption

You must have heard of the correlation between drinking and liver health. It is true that alcohol can be harmful if taken in excessive amounts. It is actually a fact that drinking too much alcohol could lead to deadly diseases such as cancer and digestive problems. 

  • Eat a Balanced Diet and Work Out

A balanced diet and working out are the perfect duo to ensure your health. They would not only help you in taking care of your liver, but they also help you in other aspects. A balanced diet would maintain your ideal weight and work out would contribute to your happiness and mental health. 

Diseases Related to Damaged Livers


If you refuse to take good care of your liver, these diseases are awaiting you in the future:

  • Liver cancer
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Wilson disease
  • Hemochromatosis