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The Gate Valve

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Gate valves, sometimes referred to as knife valves or slide valves, are linear motion valves that enable shut-off by sliding a flat closure element into the flow stream. They are among the most widely used valves. 

In cases utilizing slurries, gate valves and knife valves are useful because their “gates” can drive right through the slurry. Additionally, they are utilized in processes involving viscous liquids including varnish, molasses, honey, cream, light grease, heavy oils, as well as other non-flammable viscous liquids. To better handle dense flow, they come in huge sizes. Gate valves are not ideal in applications that need cleanliness or hygienic conditions because of their low-pressure limits. They work great anyplace a shutdown valve is required. When necessary, they can also be utilised in applications where throttling capacities are sought, though this is typically not advised because the vibrations from the disc in throttling applications cause deterioration of the seat and disc.

Gate valve malaysia and knife valves are made to cut off the flow of fluid completely and minimise pressure loss across the valve when it is fully opened. The process fluid goes through a pipe with a diameter that is nearly identical to the diameter of the pipe, and the path of fluid flow remains unchanged. As a result, when fully opened, they typically experience little pressure loss.

Usage of gate valves

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On-off services are the main purpose of gate valves. They work well in systems where the valve needs to be utilised sparingly. In order to reduce pressure loss and enable the passage of a pipe-cleaning pig, the valves are made for full-area flow. Since the majority of the flow change happens close to the shutdown, if the valve is used to regulate flow, the relatively high fluid velocity leads to disc and seat wear as well as eventual leakage.

In addition to the oil and gas sector, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automotive, and maritime industries also employ gate valves.

Because they don’t take up more room, non-rising stem gate valves are highly common on ships, in subsurface applications, and other places where vertical space is at a premium. High temperature and high-pressure conditions are examples of difficult environments where gate valves can be used. They are frequently used in offshore applications, mining, and water treatment facilities.

The flow

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A gate valve’s flow route enlarges as it is opened in a very nonlinear way in relation to the percentage opening. A partially opened gate valve’s disc will shake due to the fluid flow since the flow rate doesn’t really alter uniformly with stem motion. Gate valves should be used only in the totally open or closed completely position since the vibration may result in the wearing of the seat and disc, resulting in leaking. When the valve is fully open, little to no friction loss takes place.

Gas and liquid services can both be provided by gate valves. They are created specifically for slurries containing powders, granules, and entrained materials. They could also be utilised for vacuum and cryogenic services.